Power, Stand By, Riffs of Wisdom

Hello world, and welcome to my blog, “Riffs of Wisdom.”  As a guitarist, and general music enthusiast, I have spent, and continue to spend, lots of time honing my abilities, checking out other players, testing gear, searching for tone, reading books, watching videos and doing just about anything else that helps me forge ahead on the journey to musical nirvana.  Along the way I have acquired many tid-bits of knowledge, Riffs of Wisdom, per se, that I think would greatly help my fellow axe-slingers on their own journeys.

So please comment, email me, ask questions, and subscribe to this blog for all the second hand knowledge and experiences I have to offer the modern day guitar enthusiast!

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2 thoughts on “Power, Stand By, Riffs of Wisdom

  1. Laurel dean says:

    Thanks for the tips, Riff Man.

  2. Cialis says:

    Thank you for writing this article. It is really helpful for me.

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