The Mesa Boogie Hollywood Store, Los Angeles

Alas, another new section for ROW – “Shops.”  Boutique guitar shops are some of the most unique and interesting stores.  Often owned by passionate enthusiasts, each shop has its own niche specialty, and the few authentic guitar shops that remain are quickly becoming historic icons in their given communities.  From vintage rarities to custom builds to quirky items, boutique shops offer refuge for the true guitar aficionado, fed up with the mass cookie-cutter production of chains like Guitar Center and Sam Ash.  So, in the “shops” section, I’ll highlight some of my favorite authentic guitar shops from around the nation.

First up is one of the finest modern guitar shops, geared towards helping the contemporary professional – Mesa Boogie Hollywood.  As many of you know, Mesa Boogie is an American amplification company.  Started by repair man Randall Smith, the company has its roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, with original clientele including Carlos Santana, The Grateful Dead and Keith Richards.  What initially started as “hot-rodding” Fender amps turned into the development of an entirely new amp company, MESA/Boogie.  Today, Mesa Boogie is one the premier amp manufacturers, and has a wide range of products, from classic rock tubes to modern heavy metal rectifiers.  One thing that’s unique about Mesa Boogie is their authenticity.  Although equally popular as some of the name brand amp companies, (Marshall, Vox, Fender) Mesa Boogie operates like a boutique manufacturer, not supplying mass-produced gear to Guitar Center or Sam Ash.  That is one of the very reasons for the Mesa Boogie Shop Hollywood.  Directly across the street from a booming Guitar Center, this store is an understated showroom for a refined company, stocking only the finest gear for the true aficionado.

Primarily, the Mesa Boogie Store is an outlet for Mesa Boogie amps.  They keep a great selection of new and used MB amps that exemplify their entire range of product.  Mesa Boogie is a custom shop – they take custom orders, and build custom amps one at a time – so this store is sort of showroom to give you all of the potential options in person.  Aside from testing out all of the amps, they are also swatches from all of the custom finish options and great examples of all the possible customizations you could order.

But aside from being a custom shop, the Mesa Boogie Hollywood store is just one of the best guitar shops in the world.  Their pedal selection is immense. This photo features one of about 7 cases filled with boutique pedals from Xotic to Suhr to Maxon and beyond.  As for guitars, they have a huge selection of amazing axes from some of the finest boutique builders.  Nash, Suhr, Collings, Mike Lull, and Sadowksy are just a few of the great brands they always have in stock.  They also have a massive selection of accessories, featuring tubes, pick ups, picks, and a custom-length cable station.  And did I mention they also have dozens of Mesa Boogie Amps?  Basically, this store is a dream come true for any modern guitar player looking for cutting edge gear.  You can walk in, grab a great axe, a fine pedal, and plug into a world-class amp – it’s a must visit.

So if you’re in Los Angeles, make sure to check out the Mesa Boogie Hollywood Store @ 7426 W Sunset Blvd.  Also, for inventory and a list of suppliers, check out the Mesa Boogie Hollywood website – you’ll be impressed!

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11 thoughts on “The Mesa Boogie Hollywood Store, Los Angeles

  1. whowhatwoof says:

    Love the new section!! Can’t wait to see more stores from around the country.

  2. zecaleme says:

    great post….i’ve been told about this store many times already…’s time to a pay a visit soon….

  3. Frederik says:

    If I ever get a chance to travel to America, I’ll probably spend a big chunk of my time hanging around the guitar stores. Mesa Boogie will have to be one of them… I enjoy large commercial shops but it’s really nice when you find a small, specialty store that deals only in a certain type of acoustic or is brand specific and the guys are genuinely in love with everything about that one specific make of guitar. Usually run by some old dude that spends the most of the day just pulling out some crazy bluesy-classical-jazz on what is basically their entire guitar collection.

    I also can’t help poking my head into pawn shops to see if they have any instruments. So far I always find Nylon string guitars (with steel strings) and black and white Squires and other stratocaster knock-offs…

    Those knock-off strats are surprisingly good sometimes…

    Still digging this blog – especially the format and style of the reviews where you embolden(right word? mmmyehdunno) the most pertinent information… I still read everything.

    Keep up the good work, yo.

  4. wheniwasalad says:

    I have visited the Gibson factory in Memphis and took one of the factory tours. It was one of the best couple of hours of our trip to Memphis, my wife had gone off shopping so I was free to drool over the many Gibson/Epiphone guitars being made. I could have taken a whole truck full home with me walking around the shop near the factory, I’m from England by the way and the very helpful shop guy gave me a price, including shipping, that seemed very attractive to me for an Epiphone.

    Don’t think my wife would have been too pleased though at having a credit card bill of a couple of thousand dollars to come home too LOL. But I have a confession, although Gibson and Fender guitars are fab, I have a leaning to Rickenbacker, I have tried a couple, 6 & 12 string, but again unless I overspend my credit card that is all I will do is try, I will have to be content with a Crafter acoustic and Hofner Compensator semi acoustic.

  5. wheniwasalad says:

    Forgot to say, thanks for visiting my blog, there will be a part two to The Beatle thing but I was distracted by our grandchildren whilst writing Part 1, like your place by the way.

    • Hey, thank you for checking out Riffs Of Wisdom! I look forward to Part 2 – such a cool post. I hope to do my own Beatles pilgrimage one day, looks like a blast. It’s no wonder you prefer Rickenbacker!

  6. Laurel Dean says:

    Wow, the store sounds amazing. Also great pics. Hope you’ll point out some great stores in the San Diego area. Any tips on good guitar repairs? I’ve got an acoustic nylon string with a built-in tuner and the tuner is dead. Wonder where I should take it to get a repair. I’m in the San Diego area. Give me some wisdom oh Riff Man.

    • Thanks Laurel, I really appreciate all of your comments! You’ll have to be my SD guitar guide, I look forward to posting some cool shops. Haha I’m no expert on the SD area, better ask the guru himself, Sandy Devito (Lauren).

  7. ajarvis75 says:

    What fantastic looking store! They don’t seem to stock much in basses… 😦

    Mesa Boogie’s bass amps are every bit as amazing as their guitar amps, IMO…

    • Haha I must admit I was a little biased in my representation, they do have a decently sized bass corner with some great stuff! But unfortunately, yes, it is the usual proportion of 10:1 guitar to bass.

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