pro·verb /präv-ərb/ noun: A short pithy saying in general use, stating a general truth or piece of advice.

Here at Riffs Of Wisdom we often reference the idea of Musical Nirvana.  Just as a Buddhist monk is on a lifelong quest for Enlightenment, we feel all musicians are on a journey towards Musical Nirvana – complete musical freedom.  Much like Neo’s realization in the Matrix, Musical Nirvana is the moment when we transcend  ourselves and our environment, exercising complete control and freedom of expression with ease.  Whether a mythical achievement, or one achievable within a lifetime, it’s a noble goal at the end of a quest on which we have all departed.  This is a collection of “Riffs Of Wisdom,” proverbs if you will, to help guide you on own your journey towards Musical Nirvana.

“One hour of practice with another musician is worth ten alone.”

“You can learn a lot from having 24 frets and a high neck radius.”

“Studying classical music is an amazing way to improve your technique, knowledge of harmony, compositional skills, and sight reading ability – plus, gain exposure to some beautiful music.”

“Much like a sports team, a band needs people at different positions to function maximally.”

“‘Soul’ comes from the player, not the guitar”

“Nobody loses at guitar if they put in the time.”


6 thoughts on “Proverbs

  1. bagheadkelly says:

    I like where your going with this

  2. Laurel Dean says:

    I love proverbs. They are short cuts that don’t involve laziness.

  3. bagheadkelly says:

    “If you can write one song, you can write nine hundred. They’re there.” Keith Richards

  4. guitar class says:

    “One hour of practice with another musician is worth ten alone.” …And it’s just a lot more fun!

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